South Cowal

South Cowal is a small but beautiful part of Argyll. The area stretches from the Bullwood south of Dunoon to the tiny clachan of Inverchaolain. It takes in the villages of Toward and Innellan. Although at first glance it may look as if there is nothing here but a long line of houses stretching along a lovely coastline. In actual fact the area is bigger than it seems for there are many more buildings hidden above the shore road. Best views of the area are to be had from a boat on the beautiful Firth of Clyde.

Within the South Cowal area many kinds of sport can be enjoyed. This includes shinty, golf, sailing, cricket, bowling (indoor and out), tennis, badminton and pony trekking. Groups enjoying art, yoga, and country dancing meet regularly in the well-used Innellan Village Hall which also hosts the Masons and SWRI. No-one needs to be bored here and a friendly welcome is given to anyone wishing to participate in any of the activities available.

There are also two primary schools, a nursery/playgroup and three churches to meet the needs of the population. Good meals and activities such as pool, darts and dominoes can be enjoyed in the two hotels conveniently situated in the centre of Innellan whilst the village store and post office provides a great selection of items within its (seemingly elastic) walls!

Forest walks provide opportunities to enjoy the terrific views over the Firth of Clyde and to take in the wildlife of the area which include pine martens and red squirrels. Bird life is plentiful on the shore and surrounding hills whilst historians can view the ruins of two castles – Knockamillie and Toward. The estate of Castle Toward with its large mansion house also lies within South Cowal.

A very thorough archive project about the village of Innellan has recently been completed. It runs to four fascinating volumes details of which can be found on the website for Innellan Village Hall.

Each year South Cowal holds a Community Festival which showcases the activities of this quiet, forgotten area of Argyll.

A regular bus service serves the area and easy access to more urban areas such as Glasgow is by road via the Rest and Be Thankful or by one of two ferry links.


Ward Councillors

Michael Breslin

Jimmy McQueen

Dick Walsh (Argyll and Bute Council Leader)

Community Councillors

Eleanor Stevenson - Convenor

Joyce McEwan - Treasurer
Kyle Armstrong - Secretary
Vicki Walkingshaw - Minute Secretary
Alan Stewart - Planning
Dot Braham ; Iain Cairns ; Helen Campbell
Alan Chapman ; Sophie Gillen ; Duncan MacLeod
Jack McFadzean ; Richard McGilvray ; Cathy Morrison
Ann Narroway


Please direct all enquiries to Eleanor Stevenson (Convenor):



Friday 13th – Sunday 22nd May 2016 inclusive

This year is the fourth year of the Festival which will have a mixture of old favourites and new activities.

The idea behind the Festival is to showcase the South Cowal area and to make everyone aware of the variety of activities which take place in the community. It provides an opportunity for clubs and groups to run events which may encourage new membership or raise funds whilst giving local people an opportunity to meet together in a fun way. Visitors from outside South Cowal are very welcome to take part in the Festival which caters for a wide range of interests.

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