South Cowal Community Council Meetings


Meetings are usually held in the ante room in Innellan Village Hall at 7.30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all or part of the meetings.

Any issues which need to be brought to the attention of SCCC by members of the public will usually be discussed at the end of the other agenda items unless agreed otherwise with the Convenor.

Dates of Meetings

(Subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise)
All meetings below take place on a Wednesday at 7.30pm in Innellan Village Hall.

10th Jan 2018
14th Feb 2018
14th Mar 2018
11th April 2018
9th May 2018
8th August 2018
12th September 2018
14th November 2018
12th December 2018

South Cowal Community Council
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 10th May 2017
Innellan Village Hall Ante Room

1. Present – Gill Judd Helen Campbell Richard McGilvray Ann Narraway Cathy Morrison Sophie Gillen Dot Braham Kyle Armstrong Alan Chapman Eleanor Stevenson Joyce McEwan Stephen Carr and colleague from Police Scotland Ali McCrossan (SCCDC) Councillors Jim Anderson, Bobby Good and Audrey Forrest

2. Apologies – Vicki Walkingshaw Mary Lamb Iain Cairns

3. Minutes of last AGM – Proposed – Helen Seconded – Sophie

4. Treasurer’s Report – See separate sheet Proposed – Gillian Seconded – Richard

5. Convenor’s report – See separate sheet

6. Election of Office Bearers –
Convenor – Eleanor Stevenson Proposed – Kyle Seconded – Joyce
Vice Convenor – Alan Chapman Proposed – Dot Seconded – Kyle
Treasurer - Joyce McEwan Proposed – Richard Seconded – Eleanor
Minute Secretary – Vicki Walkingshaw Proposed – Helen Seconded – Sophie
Planning – Alan Chapman Proposed – Richard Seconded – Eleanor
Transport – Cathy Morrison Proposed – Gill Seconded – Helen
Health – Cathy Morrison Proposed – Sophie Seconded – Joyce
Facebook – Helen, Dot and Sophie Proposed – Ann Seconded – Cathy
Website – Sophie Gillen Proposed – Helen Seconded – Eleanor

7. Dates of meetings – SCCC will meet on the second Wed of every month in Innellan Village Hall ante room at 7.30pm. There will be no meetings in July or October.

South Cowal Community
AGM May 2017
Convenor’s Report

SCCC had its last AGM quite late last year so this report only takes account of events from September onwards.

SCCC currently has one vacancy which could be filled by seconding someone on to the council. If anyone knows of someone who would like to become involved with us please encourage them to come along to our meetings so that they can get a feel of things and find out the kind of matters we are involved with.

Before going on with my report I am sorry to report the death of Alan Stewart’s wife, Katy. She died last Friday after a long illness. Alan resigned from SCCC within the last year after many, many years working hard on behalf of the community so that he would have more time with his wife and family. Our thoughts and sympathies are with him at this time.

Another tragic event in the area was the death of Oliver Jones. This was the result of a road accident as you know. We have tried to raise awareness of various road safety issues as a direct result of this accident and have succeeded in overturning a decision not to move the bus stop at the heart of the accident. This should be moved a few yards further along to a safer spot for people getting off the bus and completion date should be very soon. We will keep an eye on this so that no excuses are heard for the work not being completed.

Kevin McIntosh from Argyll and Bute Council came to listen to our list of problems and explained why, in many instances, the Council could do nothing much about things. He did, however, agree to monitor one or two areas such as the speed limit at the Castle Toward/Sailing Club area and the congestion of traffic at times outside Toward Primary School. He has never got back to us on the matters so we will pursue that over the next few months.

On a happier note, Castle Toward is progressing with its renovation work in the house and grounds. Good progress is being made and in time this estate should be restored to its former glory and be a credit to the area. I am pleased to say that relations between SCCC and the Punler family are now much better than formerly and we look forward to working with them in the years to come. I will invite Keith and Denice to come and talk to us and let us know of the improvements first hand. Some of us have been up to the Castle to see what is happening and left well impressed.

We have also taken an interest in the old Innellan Primary school. Ross McLaughlin from A&B Council has offered some hope that it will be sold so we will follow this with interest.
Ross also has been helping us to secure an area of land which can be used to build a trim trail on Sandy Beach but this has stalled at the moment as it needs to go before a full council meeting so that we can have the land at a peppercorn rent. Now that the new Council has been elected, the matter should progress and we can get to grips with fund raising on a larger scale.

We have been involved with SCCDC which will hopefully become more active soon and bring about some improvements within our area. We will continue to put this item on our agenda so that we can hear of any progress and find ways in which we can work alongside SCCDC for the good of the area.
Another visitor to our meetings recently was John Hair who updated us with what is going to be happening on the hills behind Innellan and Toward over the next ten years. An interesting outcome of that meeting was that there will be a mini bus available during our Festival. This will make a couple of trips through the forest area and allow some folk to see for themselves the lovely places which are hidden from view.

Incidents of deer culling were mentioned during John’s visit and it turns out that these were not authorised but the work of poachers. Police have been informed of the incidents but nothing has come of this.

Councillor Breslin was trying to find out which areas are being sprayed for Knotweed in South Cowal. This is an ongoing concern which shows little evidence of being cleared. For example, the area at the local primary school has been sprayed on several occasions but the growth is worse this year than last.

The website is currently being updated and our Facebook page is well used but we need to find other ways to communicate with the community. The notice board on the grass across from the Lido stands on an area of land which I recently found out belonged to the community council so we will look into whether or not that can be renovated.
The Resilience Plan also needs to be updated and I would like a small sub-group to take this on board quite soon.

Saturday sees the start of the South Cowal Community Festival with the pirates arriving, in force hopefully, at Toward Sailing Club. The ever popular Pet Show is on Sunday and from there onwards there will be things happening until the 21st May. Please have a look at the programme to see what there is of interest to you and your family and encourage folk to join in with community events. The Festival costs have gone up this year – advertising in the paper is particularly expensive – so perhaps we will have to find some way of getting some funding for next year. A sub-committee might be useful for revitalising old ideas and introducing more.

I’ll finish by thanking everyone for coming along to the community council meetings and for their help and support which is very much appreciated.

Minutes of Council Meeting - 14th November 2018

Minutes of Council Meeting - 12th September 2018

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